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Uses the standard WordPress search functionality. Shows a a search input on top of the paginated results list.

  • Introducing our Flynt 2.0 Design Kit for Figma

    Experience seamless website development with Flynt's first Design Kit for Figma, offering Flynt's pre-built Base Style and a page template that provide full flexibility to match your brand's identity and specific requirements.

  • Flynt 2.0 – Rekindling Your Love for WordPress (Again)

    Meet your new best friend to develop remarkable WordPress websites. With a perfect Google PageSpeed score, an intuitive editing interface, and a trimmed, customizable codebase, this is your chance to fall in love with WordPress, all over again.

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Developing a Custom WordPress Theme With Flynt

    First time Flynt user? This tutorial will walk you through a typical Flynt process. From setting up the theme, to the development workflow and creating custom components.

  • Flynt v1.4 – Pre Built Theme, Shortcodes & WP Environment Support

    Flynt v1.4 comes with a pre built zip download, adds custom shortcodes, supports the new WP environment type and includes a bunch of fixes and optimisations.

  • Flynt v1.3 – Accessibility, Dynamic Resize & Customizer Support

    The biggest release since v1.0 is packed with loads of accessibility improvements, and comes with optimizations that make the Flynt developer experience more seamless.

  • Components

    Components Flynt Components are boilerplates to develop custom designed WordPress websites faster. Text & Media Block Image Image with optional caption, multiple size options and optimized responsive image sizes. Code Block Image Code…

  • The Lightning-fast WordPress Starter Theme for Developers

    Fall in love with WordPress (again) Unlock the true power of WordPress with Flynt: The developer-friendly WordPress Starter Theme. Download Flynt What’s new in v2.0 🚀 Watch the video » Lightning-fast Performance, out of the Box. Performance Automatic asset lazy-loading with…

  • Reusable Component

    Reusable Component The reusable component allows you to save a component or group of components which you can later use in any post or page on your site. If you are often adding the same content to the same component or group of components, using the reusable component will…