Flynt v1.4 – Pre Built Theme, Shortcodes & WP Environment Support

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Flynt v1.4 comes with a pre built zip download, adds custom shortcodes, supports the new WP environment type and includes a bunch of fixes and optimisations.

Flynt Release v1.4

Pre Built Theme

We now provide a version of Flynt that includes all bundled assets. You can download the zip file release and install the Flynt theme in your WordPress setup like any other theme.

Installing composer and npm dependencies, and running the build process is only needed for the development process.

The zip file is created via a GitHub action, that runs on every release. The GitHub action builds the theme, zips it and attaches it to the repo’s release page.

GitHub release page with bundled archive
GitHub release page with bundled archive

Custom Shortcodes

The biggest new feature is that we added a place for custom shortcodes in inc/shortcodes.php. While we don’t consider shortcodes being the future of WordPress, they are very handy to parse and process text fragments.

The introduced shortcodes are used in the NavigationFooter component to compose dynamic texts like “© 2020 Website Name — Subtitle”, where the [year], [sitetitle] and [tagline] fragments are automatically updated.

But how do content managers know which shortcodes are available? We decided to document custom shortcodes in a shortcode reference ACF field group. Add the shortcode reference as a tab to the backend interface wherever shortcodes may be useful for an editor.

Special thanks to pixelsaft for this feature.

Shortcode reference example in the NavigationFooter options
Shortcode reference example in the NavigationFooter options

WP Environment Support

WordPress 5.5 introduced the function wp_get_environment_type. If you use this function in your WordPress setup, the constant WP_ENV that we have been using so far, will be set to the return value of wp_get_environment_type.

Special thanks to pixelsaft for this feature.

Fixes & Optimisations


As mentioned in our last release article, we now officially deprecated the ExternalScriptLoader. Additionally, we deprecated the ArrayHelpers and the fallback function for rendering components renderFile (9cbc5ea).

These functions will be removed in Flynt v2.0.

Premium Components v1.1.1

The Premium Components were also updated with a few fixes and optimisations. These include:

  • A SwiperJS IE11 fix and some bundle optimizations.
  • Usage of the Customizer’s custom header logo in NavigationFooterColumns (b5a7d82).
  • Center social icons on small screens in NavigationFooterColumns (f6639c9).

The Contributors

Thank you alexheinrich, code-r-man, domtra, frontant, harunbleech, koukouchris, MadFlip, pixelsaft, steffenbew, and szepeviktor for making this release possible with your contributions.

Author: Dominik

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