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Fall in love with
WordPress (again)

Unlock the true power of WordPress with Flynt:
The developer-friendly WordPress Starter Theme.

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Lightning-fast Performance,
out of the Box.

  • Gauge 100/100


    Automatic asset lazy-loading with a built-in JavaScript Island architecture.

  • Gauge 100/100


    Technical and conceptual best practices, including ARIA and color contrast standards.

  • Gauge 100/100

    Best Practices

    No tricks, no hacks, but tested and accepted standards for a flawless experience.

  • Gauge 100/100


    Valid markup, legible font-sizes and appropriately sized tap targets to start with.

Flynt Page Template

Made for Developers

Built on a modular and component-based architecture, Flynt empowers developers to create customizable and maintainable WordPress websites by breaking them down into reusable components.

Seamlessly integrating with ACF Pro and Timber, Flynt offers an efficient solution for managing custom fields and creating dynamic templates.

Flynt CSS variables

Step 1: Customize the Base Style to ensure consistency

After downloading and installing the Flynt theme start with customizing the Base Style to match your design needs. The Base Style defines global styles to ensure a consistent appearance across components.

Flynt component structure

Step 2: Use components to build page templates

Use existing Flynt components or build custom components with ACF Pro. A component folder combines everything from backend field definitions and data filters to frontend functionality and styling.

And with the power of ACF Flexible Content and twig templates, components can be reused wherever you want. Basically, Flynt components give you a head start for your bespoke WordPress projects, so you can focus on developing more unique experiences.

Flynt editing interface

Step 3: Safely and efficiently manage website content

Components allow you to easily maintain design consistency while giving full access to content. Ensure stability, accessibility, security and SEO best practices by defining the right amount of options for website managers.

Flynt is Gutenberg-ready, so you can leverage the editor’s benefits to manage long-copy posts. Through providing preconfigured minimal block options, you ensure a great editor experience and stay in control of the layout and functionality of the website.

Flynt libraries

Step 4: Minimize build time and maximize performance

Spend Less Time Optimizing: Flynt’s efficient build process, powered by Vite with hot module replacement, allows you to manage dependencies effortlessly and enjoy real-time updates.

Achieve exceptional PageSpeed performance scores right out of the box with optimized build bundles and JavaScript Islands getting automatically hydrated when you need them.

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Build better websites faster.

Develop rock solid WordPress websites,
that are fun to build and made to last.

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New features in Flynt v2.0

Flynt v2.0 - YouTube Video

Start Developing

The open-source Starter Theme comes with everything you need and no limitations.
Optional Premium Components give you an even bigger head start for your projects.

  • Open-Source


    Starter Theme and selected free Components.

    • Open Source Starter Theme
    • including 21 Components
    • for personal and commercial projects

    Download Flynt

  • Personal


    Premium Components for individuals.

    • 18 additional Components
    • Lifetime access
    • Unlimited projects
    • Free updates

    Buy Components

  • Teams


    Premium Components for organizations.

    • 18 additional Components
    • Lifetime access
    • Unlimited projects
    • Free updates

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