The component based WordPress framework for development teams and their clients.

Build components once and reuse
them anytime, in any project.

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Build maintainable websites

Building a maintainable website means being able to quickly edit and add code without introducing bugs to existing functionality. Splitting up features into separate component folders puts you in control of specifically scoped Backend and Frontend code by convention.

Speed up website development

Sharing responsibilities between developers should feel natural without getting in each other’s way. Flynt’s modular structure is developer friendly and allows team members to work in parallel.

Simplify communication

A component is a component is a component. Focus discussions with your team and your client on something everyone understands. It will simplify your review and approval processes instantly.

Empower content managers

The backend is powered by ACF Pro, allowing content editors to easily manage the structure, content and configuration of a website, while making sure responsive behavior is maintained.

Grow a library of components

Building components is a sustainable process, meaning every component you develop can be reused within or in another project; increasing your headstart with every new Flynt project.

The 3 core values of Flynt

Developing websites can be a repetitive process. Flynt is a sustainable approach to website development and content management. Its component-based philosophy resides in 3 core principles.


Components are maintainable solutions to specific problems.


Components are reusable within and across projects.


The scope effects of changing component code or content can easily be foreseen.

Brands that trust the Flynt approach

  • Telekom
  • Mercedes Benz
  • smart
  • Zalando
  • immmr
  • VW
  • ebay Kleinanzeigen
  • Spitzke
  • Adam Audio

Made by

Flynt was developed by bleech, a Berlin based web development agency, building websites for creative agencies and their clients. WordPress has been our favourite CMS for a long time, but developing and maintaining a bunch of projects in a team comes with drawbacks we didn’t want to accept anymore.

So we set out to build tools to make collaboration more fun, meaning simpler, faster and less error-prone. Within the past 24 months, we built more than 40 production websites and ran several international web portal rollouts using Flynt. We’re finally looking forward to seeing what others will build on top of it and how we can improve Flynt with your support.

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