The Component Based WordPress Starter Theme for Developers

  • Drag & Drop backend interface powered by ACF Pro
  • Prebuilt mobile first boilerplate components
  • Fast development of custom components

Download Flynt v1.1.1

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Flynt template example

A Professional Development Environment for Themes

  • Advanced Custom Fields

    Set up backend fields simply with PHP arrays. We even created VSCode Snippets, so you don’t have to remember the ACF Field Type specs.

  • Timber / Twig

    Separates PHP code and data logic from HTML, which makes your templates easy to read and maintain. And well: no loop!


    One SCSS stylesheet per component keeps your layouts organized. And scoping styles to components makes you stay on top of changes.

  • Web Components

    Every component has its own ES6 JavaScript file that initializes a clean state when rendered. Helps prevent global conflicts and spaghetti code.

  • Browser Sync

    Remember when you still had to refresh your browser for every code change? Yeah, no. Let’s rather live code on localhost:3000.

  • NPM / Webpack

    Easily load your JavaScript dependencies into your components, decide what you need and what you don’t and stay on top of versions.

  • Composer

    If the frontend got NPM, the backend deserves Composer. Makes loading and managing PHP dependencies soo smooth.

  • ESLint / stylelint

    Nobody actually creates perfect code the first time around, so let there be help to prevent errors and to keep your code style consistent.

  • Maintainable Code

    A component is a self-contained building-block and contains its own fields, PHP logic, template, readme, screenshot, scripts, and styles.

      ├── functions.php
      ├── index.twig
      ├── screenshot.png
      ├── script.js
      ├── style.scss

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Website Management for Growing Businesses

The pace of 2020: Landing pages must be created quickly, variations need to be tested immediately and outdated concepts should be removed asap. Being able to do all of that with confidence opens up new opportunities.

  • Compose New Pages

    1) Compose New Pages

    Arrange existing components to create new page layouts without any further coding.

  • Create Unseen Variations

    2) Create Unseen Variations

    Add new components to existing pages and extend form and function with ease.

  • Create Unseen Variations

    3) Edit With Confidence

    Change any content or option without putting design or responsiveness to danger.

Optimized for Performance

Flynt achieves better PageSpeed scores than popular WordPress Themes. Components are optimized by lazyloading images, specifying multiple dynamically generated image sizes, supporting webp, bundling CSS & JS assets and loading scripts in the footer.

High PageSpeed performance

Customize or Delete What You Don’t Need

Components are boilerplates that you want to customize at core level. Simply delete whole component folders that you don’t need. This will keep your shipped code base clean and manageable.

Components are boilerplates

Ship Components, Not Page Templates

“Can I use this thing on that page?” – Yes you can! With the power of ACFs Flexible Content Field, website editors get the flexibility to easily drag & drop components into page layouts.

Ship components, not page templates

Stay in Control of Design Changes

Stop worrying about content changes messing up the website design. Separate content from design and define a sane amount of options. Keep complexity low and build more components instead.

Stay in control of design changes

Start Building Components

The open source starter theme comes with Base Components that can be easily customized. On top, we provide Premium Components that give you an even bigger head start for your personal and professional projects.

bleech agency office view

Made by Agency People

Hi 👋, we are bleech, a Berlin based web development agency.
We’re 100% focused on developing custom designed WordPress websites for small and large enterprises.

In 2014, we started building Flynt and components quickly became the star of proposals, deliveries and approvals. Besides making our lives easier, Flynt is winning us projects by delivering on a simple promise: Edit and extend websites without worrying about breaking the design, responsiveness or performance.

If you are a freelancer, work at an agency or are about to build your own, Flynt can help you sell and deliver high quality websites faster as well. May it be as a technical boilerplate, or as a basis for your own component library.

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